My video of Tyler Wilson


Hello all!

I wanted to share with you the video I did about my partner Tyler Wilson. He’s a cutie, isn’t he? I wanted to do this story about him because he doesn’t have an ordinary life. At the age of 2, he went deaf and wasn’t able to hear. I wanted to share this story in Tyler’s own words. It may not be spoken, but in it truly is in his own words.

I found this experience enjoyable because of the way in which he portrayed his story. His unique self really gets to be portrayed, and we get to see an interview in a language that most people don’t get to see which I really enjoy. I was in a time crunch to complete this video, and so I wish I could’ve gone into more context about what was going on. It really surprised me how different the world can be when one loses one of their senses, especially hearing.

I find that I will be using video to portray messages and to get myself out there as someone in the communication field. I find that iMovie is a great resource, so I hope I get to utilize it in my career.

Instagram Story Promotion

Hello everyone,

I understand it has been a while since the last time I posted on my site, however, I am back with an update on an Instagram Story Promotion for the website. I have been sick the past couple of weeks, but I’m feeling better now, and I want to jump into this post.

My Instagram profile can be found here.


As far as Instagram goes, I am not that talented at using it, as you can see. I don’t really have that many posts on my Instagram page, however, I do try to post at least once a year. I used Canva as a way to make these Instagram posts. I have used it before in other classes, as well as for some promotional posters. I love the various options it gives you in terms of having various ways to promote what you want.

I wanted to make each promotion subtle and pretty thoughtworthy. For example, I wanted to make the promotion for my travel article stand out as a way for people to see that even in a third world country, you can get all of the charms of going to the beach. One post in particular though, my interview with Jessie, really made me want to represent it as a tell-all piece, that will get people interested in listening to my audio story. I hope that it comes across that way.


As far as any challenges with the assignment go, I wasn’t able to complete the Google My Maps portion of the assignment as I have yet to finish it due to me being out of commission. However, once I complete that blog post (hopefully this weekend if my computer doesn’t give me headaches), I will update this post with that Instagram post. All in all though, I hope I get to take the opportunity to use Instagram to be able to promote bigger things such as my possible journalistic endeavors or just simply to promote myself in the vast world wide web.



How Traveling To An Impoverished Country Changes Your View Of The World.

An unknown student posing on a beach in Cape Coast, Ghana.


Many people who travel beyond the United States look for the hottest destinations in the world. The focus on the European and even in North America is where most travelers try to spend their vacation time. However, many do not necessarily get to see the beauty that some other countries offer. Even countries that are in dire need of tourists and volunteers that could make a change in a nation that is not as well off as we are in the United States. Being offered a trip of a lifetime does not always mean one gets to see historical sites, having fun on a cruise ship, or getting to eat large amounts of buffet food. To some, the trip of life could mean one is getting the opportunity to make a change to what people are consuming for food, building sustainable shelters, and offering life-saving support to those in need.

According to the World Bank, in 2015 almost 10 percent of the world’s population lived on under $1.90 a day. That is not enough to buy essentials, let alone maintain a healthy place to live.

Ruth Shepherd, the student exchange advisor at the University of Wyoming, knows precisely what it means to travel to a country where poverty has become an issue. In 1982, Shepherd ventured to the South American country of Ecuador, a state at the time was stricken with mass poverty due to the failing of its currency.

“Times were tough in Ecuador,” Shepherd exclaimed. “At the time, the US was heavily invested in the oil resources in Ecuador. It caused their currency, the sucre, to lose its value entirely.”

Shepherd has spent over five years in the South American country. She believes her experience has widened her view of different perspectives and has given her a new reality of how truly blessed we are in the United States. “It has changed me completely,” Shepherd said. “I believe that Americans do not truly understand what it’s like to have to experience simple things we take for granted.”
This woman makes an excellent point.


Stepping Away from the Screen, and Immersing Yourself In the Culture

Boti Falls in the Eastern Region of Ghana. 2015.

Almost three years ago, a group of about 20 young adults traveled with the University of Wyoming extension program to adventure into a completely different world that is Ghana. Grace Mcdonald, a Sophomore at UW, was one of those individuals who had traveled from the wild west to the African Country. Mcdonald holds the view that she experienced a different understanding.

“I had a super hard time adjusting to the change,” McDonald explained. “It was ok not to be ok, but once I realized it was ok, I was not feeling as bad in the culture. It felt a lot better.”

In this West African country, the infrastructure is not as developed as it is in the US. Adjusting to the different environment, i.e., not getting to use a phone, accessing the internet every day, talking with friends, etc., was something that McDonald felt was more enriching than being glued to her phone all the time.

McDonald also believes that had she not gotten to go to this nation, she would be missing out on a unique culture. “Rich countries give you less of an opportunity,” McDonald explained. “You have to open and ready for the opportunities ahead.”


An Opportunity for Someone New

With this idea in mind, many people do not consider these places as the hottest tourist destinations. Many want to see the world; however many see the world in how similar it is to the United States.

“I’ve never had the opportunity to travel outside of the country,” Bailey Vogler, a sophomore at UW explains. “I’ve thought about going to a country where there isn’t much stability, but I’ve chosen to travel to New Zealand.”

Vogler, whose plans are to travel on an exchange trip to Christchurch, has had various options to travel anywhere. “I’ve looked at Spain and South Korea,” Vogler explains. “I think I could learn a lot more; however if I were to travel to a country like India.”

Vogler has admitted though its not her first choice. She wanted to go to a place where she could feel safe. Who could blame her?

However, it is essential to understand that being safe and comfortable, should not always be required.  Ruth Shepherd explains that even though we step out of our comfort zone, we should still be open to exploring.

“Even though we have such great pleasures in the United States,” Sherperd says. “We should be open to the possibilities of what the world has, and be thankful of the gifts we receive every day.”

Photojournalism: my take…..

Salutations Y’all,

I apologize for the lapse in posting last week, but I am back to share some of what I learned in my Multimedia Production class. This week’s blog post is about my take in the world of photojournalism. I have had a blast being able to to take every single one of these pictures. Each one I plan to exhibit today is to represent the basic things in life that can affect not just college students, but people in their everyday life. I want to show people doing what they need to at work, going to class, and things people might not notice in day to day life.


The Cowboy Call

Kaitlyn Hill. In the background is Dakotah Price. Kaitlyn is the monitoring manager at the Cowboy Call center. She was working on monitoring calls at the center ensuring that UW Cowboy Callers are using quality when they are on the phones. Dakotah is preparing to work on a call thanking people who support the University of Wyoming. The photo occurred on February 18th, 2019 in the Marian Rochelle Gateway Center.

In this photograph, I wanted to get an in-depth insight into the intense work the Cowboy Call Center, and the University of Wyoming Foundation does to help gain support to the various programs on campus. I felt immediately in the call center the intenseness each of the callers is trying to try to help the university. I wanted to try to use spot news and a general feature shot for this image.


The New Shuffleboard

In this picture, you can see two disks being placed to try to score points n shuffleboard game. Tyler Wilson has made it to the final round of this tournament. This image shows the ending series where the points scored in this round means everything. This game occurred at the Quarters apartments in Laramie on 2/23/19

This photograph shows an intense game of shuffleboard in a local apartment tournament with a group of people. This photograph represents the key intenseness of the final round. You can feel as the disk hits the other disk showing that the person who scored, Tyler Wilson, is now going to lose this round, as the disc would beat the other to prove that he wouldn’t score the points needed to win. I saw this game as Tyler was playing with other people in this tournament and I wanted to capture the emotion of competition that was in the game. It was hard to try to get a clear shot of the disks moving.


The Twilight on the College of Agriculture

The image shows a young man walking to class with his head down near the end of the day at UW. The photo occurred at the College of Agriculture at the University of Wyoming. The photo was taken on 2/21/19

The picture shows a feature shot of the College of Agriculture in which there has been a lot of uneasiness in the school. With no permanent Dean and no significant changes, the school is has a feeling in its twilight. The student has his head down which shows the attitude of most students when they walk by this building. This shot was a pretty easy shot to get but hard to portray the mood unless taken at the end of the day.


A Change For Good

This photograph shows the building of Walmart in which there are renovations inside the superstore. It was taken at the Laramie Walmart on 2/25/19

The picture shows a new light at the store that is receiving much-needed repairs. I took the image in the morning to show a view on the superstore. This picture shows the atmosphere of new things on the horizon. I felt the morning revealed a clearer and brighter image on the store in which looks very unclean at times.  I made this a series of photos I took of Walmart as well as a general feature story.



Spring on the Horizon

This is a picture of Prexy’s Pasture taken on 2/25/2019


This photo shows a portrait of Prexy’s pasture in the middle of February. It was taken in the afternoon to reveal a brighter and warmer light in which indicates that the air is changing. The feeling that it was much warmer in this picture. It was a pretty straightforward picture to shoot, but I wanted to use the light of the mid-day to represent warmth


To sum up, I felt this was a pretty straightforward assignment, that had some challenges trying to get the perfect shot all the time. I will admit I didn’t get a lot of people in my photo’s; the purpose was to try to show things we don’t notice all the time. I hope you enjoyed all of these images!

Creative Devices, and some pictures I took

Hello, my fellow readers,

In this week of my Multimedia 3530 class, we are talking about the importance of photography. This beautiful subject has allowed me to tap into some of the photography skills that I haven’t looked at since I was in 4-H. I’m so excited to be able to see this and to share some of these beautiful photographs I have taken. For our class, we went to the Herbarium at UW, which houses some beautiful plants, and some beautiful scenery. I’m also going to add some background into the characteristics of these photos. So please don’t be too harsh and say “these photos look like my 3-year-old took them!”


The House of Warmth

This first picture I’m sharing with you is one that views the herbarium from the cold winter weather outside. I believe at the time this photo was taken; it was about 15 degrees outside. The weather had been frigid out and, it had been blowing snow. With this photo taken in the morning, it helped to show some of the essential characteristics of the building inside. I believe this photograph follows into the “rule of thirds” to an extent. You can see that I try to incorporate that into this picture, in a changed portrait view. I think the building evenly fits into the coordinates of the camera with every image. You can also argue that you can see lots of symmetry insides of the photo with how the windows have the lines in each panel.


The History in the Snow

This next picture I took was one that I was dying to make. This shoot is considered outside the central administrative offices at UW called “Old Main.” This picture shows the outside of the building located near the conservatory. It shows some of the historical perspectives of the University of Wyoming. I believe this picture shows a lot of texture of the bricks and the detail of the snow on some of the stone wall. The critic inside me is telling me that I should have gotten a shot of the building with more color. Possibly later in the day. Please let me know what you think.


Warming berries

This picture is taken inside the conservatory. I found this plant with beautiful and fruitful seed like stems which shows a contrast to what the outside weather is cold and frigid. I believe this picture shows an excellent image of the color aspect of photography.  You can also see a layer of texture with the leaves that surround the berries. You can also argue that this picture has a thickness of depth with the surrounding blades. It is one of the better photos I took.


Changing Green

I titled this picture as such because one can see the changes of the green color in the leaf to a more pinkish color. You can argue that this picture shows an element of background and a layer of depth, with the various plants in the environment. One can also see that the viewpoint of the leaves shows that you are getting a look of the blade on the ground.  It’s exciting how in this shot, you can tell that I had to get on the floor and snap this shot.


A Viewpoint of Elegance

I find this shot to be the best out of all of the photos I have taken. It shows how small details can add beauty to any space. This picture I would argue, adds a bit of detail, especially in the lamp on the stone. It also shows some aspect of how the piece of rock is in its position.


I think this assignment really showed how well I was able to capture these shots. Each one is unique in the way its positioned, which form the light is presented, and how each shot shows a level of color in different environments. I wish I was able to take these photos during the afternoon or evening, however, because of the lighting could’ve been really different than just the basic grayscale in which morning light presents. I really hope you enjoy these photographs. Let me know what you think.

This Trip to Multimedia Begins

Well, thank you so much for visiting my blog. This is the first post I will be posting, as part of my COJO 3530 class. As many of you know, I am a Communication Major at the University of Wyoming. I am currently a Junior, and this is going to be part of my blog posts. I hope these posts will be as enjoyable, as I hope to make them good. If not, then as the great Ru Paul says, “If they’re not paying your bills, pay them no mind.”

Let’s begin by talking about some of the questions I need to answer in this post. This is the first assignment for the blog posts in this class. I hope this goes well though. The first question asks me “After reading through some of the former students’ blogs and reviewing the syllabus, what are some skills and concepts that you anticipate learning in this class?” The second one tells me to “Brainstorm about the kinds of issues, events, and people that you would like to report upon this semester potentially.”


Let’s start with the first question. After reading through this syllabus, which offers a lot of skills that I will use as a potential journalist. One of which is the use of online media to help me enhance my writing. I hope to be able to show my ability to provide accurate sources, write efficiently and personally, and to express my opinion through the words of my blog. Hopefully, I also keep it entertaining and enjoyable. I would also like to be able to learn more about photography because I am not the best at photography. My photography skill is as good as some girl on Instagram, who is trying to take pictures and thinks she’s famous. However, she only has like 80 followers.


I think with the second question in mind, there are various stories that I could report on. I am double majoring in agricultural communication so I could talk about Agricultural issues that could affect consumers at the store. I have also written for various political publications in which i have shared my opinions on Social Policy issue. However, like the legendary drag queen Miz Cracker says “Purse first, hearse last,” I have to make the best impression I can with my writings.

I hope if you read this, you will find my blog memorable and enjoyable.